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Ensure you do not pay too much for a property!

A pre-purchase property valuation may save you money by revealing the hidden costs or benefits of a property. Real-estate agents may offer free appraisals to secure properties to sell; frequently the appraisals are unrealistically high and based purely on a need for business. The accurate valuation of a property allows you to make the best investment decisions: whether to hold, sell or reposition; when to relocate; what price to pay. Timing is critical to realizing capital appreciation, and profits are often made at the time of purchase. Due to the time it takes to relocate, it is essential that you take future as well as current factors influencing the property market into account.

Industrial & Commercial Property Valuers

Major Valuations provides independent valuations of:

  • Retail shops and shopping centres
  • CBD and metropolitan commercial office buildings
  • Industrial warehouses and factories
  • Accommodation houses
  • Business parks
  • Rural properties.

Factors to consider when purchasing commercial properties

Each property is unique, and a greater range of internal and external factors determines the value of commercial than residential properties.

A property valuation must consider


  • Marketability of the property, given local and national markets
  • Exposure, and prestige of location and of the building
  • Building quality and aesthetics, including views
  • Floor plate: functionality and size
  • Parking
  • Accessibility of services
  • Ancillary income sources, including signage
  • Tenant quality and tenant mix
  • Managing agents, and lease terms
  • Net market rental and potential rate of return
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Commercial Pre-Purchase Valuations


commercial pre-purchase valuations in perth wa

Buying a commercial property for occupation or investment is rarely simple. Without assistance it is possible to spend over 12 months searching for a property as markets change and opportunities are missed.
Major Valuations’ expert knowledge of the local market makes it possible for you to consider all stock in a timely manner.

  • Opportunity for redevelopment or income growth
  • Members of the Australian Property Institute


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