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About Major Valuations

Major Valuations are Licensed Property Valuers and Real Estate Consultants based in West Perth, Western Australia. We offer independent residential and property valuation, commercial and industrial services, specialised property and land valuation, property consultancy and general real estate advice. Major Valuations is a member of a Limited Liability Scheme under Professional Standards Legislation.

Our professional and experienced valuation team includes:

Gerald Major

FAPI Diploma of Valuation and Advanced Certificate of Business (Real Estate) is a certified Practicing Valuer (Licensed Valuer No 51 in the State of Western Australia) and a Licensed Real Estate Agent (Triennial Certificate No 37435) and has a wealth of experience and knowledge in the property industry

Gerald has been involved in industrial, commercial and residential real estate for over 40 years. He has a wealth of experience across due diligence for the acquisition of an investment properties, with a significant portfolio in a range of feasibilities and appointments involving valuations, sales and retirement villages.

Paul Major

B. Com (Property) is a Certified Practicing Valuer and Licensed Valuer No 44350 in the State of Western Australia. Paul completed his Bachelor of Commerce at Curtin University while working at the Valuer Generals Office, now Landgate.

Paul became an Associate Member of the Australian Property Institute and Licensed Valuer in 2007.

Paul has over 15 years expertise in property valuation and real estate. He has carried out valuations in both the public and private sectors. These include a range of valuation purposes; mortgage security, stamp duty, probate, settlement, NRAS and insurance.

Our Assurances

Major Valuations recommends you obtain an accredited valuation, the advantages of ensuring your valuation is completed by a licenced valuer include:
  • Being provided with a fair and unbiased valuation from a licensed valuer.
  • Settling value disputes between parties.
  • Provides comfort for future decision making.
  • Knowing the worth of your investment and/or owner-occupied property.
  • To understand the difference between price and value. Price is what you pay the vendor. Value is what your property is worth and can be accurately assessed by a competent qualified valuer.
  • To guide your investment/buying/selling decisions. A property investment is one of the biggest decisions you will make, yet people make them without any objective advice. On the other hand, people always seek qualified financial advice when making other investment decisions.
  • For an objective assessment. A reputable valuer is objective, an estate agent acts on behalf of the vendor. The aim of an estate agent is to get the maximum price for the vendor. Relying on the estate agent to set the price could see you paying over the odds. Choose a Certified Practising Valuer (CPV).
  • Personal attachment can cloud judgement. Everyone forms emotional attachments to the homes in which they live or a property they wish to buy, which can affect the price paid. An independent valuation can provide some clarity and prevent unrealistic expectations. If you are selling, a valuation can provide a good idea as to what you can realistically expect – it may in some cases be more than you think it’s worth.
  • A valuation is a legally binding document and so can be a valuable document when negotiating with buyers/vendors and if any disputes arise.
  • A valuation is tax-deductible if the property is held for investment purposes. So you get an objective assessment of the value of your property and can claim the cost as a deduction from your annual tax assessment.
  • Prevent any financing shocks. This is particularly an issue if you are buying an apartment off the plan or a house-and-land package, where the price you pay may be affected by rebates, incentives, developer profits, marketing costs and a change in value over time. A lower valuation may require a buyer to dip into the hip pocket or be forced to take out lenders mortgage insurance.